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Sailing is a wonderful pastime activity. Whether you’re on the open sea or on a lake, it’s an experience unlike any other, and as the wind blows into the sails to push your vessel forward as it cuts through the clear water, your mind will become clear, too.Going sailing for the first time?Here’s your first-timer’s checklist.



Never Flush Your Outboard Motor in a Wrong Way

Back in the day, flushing an outboard with fresh water was done only one way. A set of "ear muffs" or "flush muffs" was fitted around the engine's gearcase to cover the water intakes, connected to a garden hose with a good water supply, and the engine was run for five to 10 minutes. But today's outboards can be flushed using other, sometimes easier methods, without even starting the engine.



How to Start an Outboard Motor?

Outboards come with two types of starting systems, electric and recoil. Recoil starters are similar to those in power equipment such as chain saws, lawn and garden equipment and small generators. Electric starters are the analog of the starter in your car. Many outboards with electric start systems come equipped with recoil starters as a backup system. Check your engine operator's manual to determine if your engine has this feature.



Fishing Safety Tips

Basic Boating Safety: Make sure all required equipment and a first-aid box are in the boat before going fishing. When an emergency happens, you don't want to have to go back to shore to get what you forgot.Know how to properly use the rescue devices.Stay seated as much as possible while in a boat.Ne



How does an outboard motor work?

It meanly talk about how does an outboard engine work.



Outboard Motor Care

It's easy to keep your outboard in tip-top shape, even if you're not a mechanic. Preventive boat motor maintenance facilitates safe boating and can keep your motor reliable for a long time.



Fishing Checklist—Things You Need to Go Fishing

Fishing is an activity which can be enjoyed by any gender, age, or race. It is a fun activity which gives you the thrill of having to work and strategize to be able to have a catch. It also gives you the fulfillment of being able to catch your own fish. It is not only a good way to relieve yourselves of the stress of your everyday life, your work, your responsibilities, or your household chores; it is also a good opportunity to have a bonding experience with your family or friends.Thus, before going on fishing, it is good that you have a list of the things you need to bring. Here is a fishing checklist to help you fulfill a worry-free fishing experience.

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