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Daily Maintenance of Outboard Engine

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Daily Maintenance of Outboard Engine

The inspection and maintenance of the outboard motor shall not be neglected, nor shall the repair or maintenance of the outboard motor be rushed without being familiar with proper maintenance and safe operating procedures.

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Inspection and maintenance

Before Each Use

    (1) Check whether the emergency flame out rope switch can stop the engine from being turned off;

    (2) Visual inspection of the fuel system for deterioration or oil leakage;

    (3) Check whether the outboard motor has been securely fixed on the bow plate;

    (4) Check if the operating system is tangled and the parts are loose;

    (5) Inspect from the appearance whether the fasteners of the linkage rod are reliably fastened;

    (6) Check the propeller blades for damage.

After Each Use

    (1) If driving in salt water or sewage, flush the outboard engine cooling system;

   (2) If driving in salt water, clean out all the salt and rinse the propeller and the exhaust port on the gearbox with clean water.

Every 100 Hours of Operation or Once a Year 

    (1) Lubricate all lubrication points, if running in salt water, please increase the frequency of lubrication;

    (2) Inspect and clean the spark plug;

    (3) Check the engine fuel filter for dirt and impurities (carburetor type);

    (4) Replace the water separator fuel filter (EFI type);

    (5) Check the wear and loss of the protective anode. If it is operated in salt water, the frequency of inspection should be increased;

    (6) Drain the original lubricant in the gearbox and replace it with a new lubricant; lubricate the drive shaft spline;

    (7) Check the power longitudinal trim working fluid;

    (8) Check the battery;

    (9) Adjust the carburetor (if needed);

   (10) Check the engine timing setting;

   (11) Check the control cable adjustment;

   (12) Use QUICKSILVER engine powerful cleaner to remove engine fouling;

   (13) Check the tightening of bolts, nuts and other fasteners;

   (14) Replace the pump impeller (if temperature excessive or water pressure is insufficient, it should be replaced in advance).

The Precautions For Outboard Engine Repairment

1. When repairing an outboard motor, the electrical system and the ignition system may be subject to a damaging short circuit or a severe electric shock, so the connecting cable on the battery must firstly be disassembled.

2. When repairing the outboard motor, if the air inlet or exhaust port is open, it must be covered with clean materials to prevent foreign matter from falling into the cylinder, which may causing serious damage to the internal parts after the engine is started. If new fasteners need to be replaced, they must be the same size and strength.

3.When repairing the fuel system of the outboard engine, the engine must be stopped, the battery power supply must be disconnected, and the fire source should be isolated. Drain the fuel and store it in a sealed container. Maintenance work must be carried out in a well-ventilated area, and pay attention to prevent leakage.

4.Check whether there is any cracks, swelling, oil leakage, hardening on the the rubber ball and fuel line that are used for starting the oiling. If there is any damage, replace it immediately. And pay attention to regular cleaning and replacement of the oil water separator.





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