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How To Overhaul the Outboard Engine?

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 How To Overhaul the Outboard Engine?

Whether the now-common four-strokes outboard engine or modern DFI motors, whose reliability is far better than the past; Fuel efficiency has increased, and problem like smoky exhaust has been solved. But that doesn't mean your new outboard is infallible. In fact, there are a few common problems with modern outboard motors that crop up again and again.   So, what should we do when the outboard engine breaks down? Next, I will tell you some basic maintenance methods.  


1. About the Ignition 

The first time outboard machine ignites is a difficult problem because the new engine with cylinder and oil is in unused condition. With no fuel internal, starting will be much more troublesome, so you need to try several times. However, as long as the first successful start,  ignition will be very easy in the next future.  Usually, you need hand up 3-5 times  to finish the first ignition. In short, when the machine is started, adjust the damper properly. There are 3 gear positions in the damper, and the right amount can be pulled out of two sections. The specific need in the startup process is to master their own regulation.

2. About the Switch

The red outboard machine spiral rope (flameout switch) and red spiral pull on the rope both need to plug into the machine head above the red "off switch" on the lid. Keep the flameout switch is closed and another end is fixed on driver's wrist, the effect of which is, when the driver is accidentally drowning from a moving ship, just pull on the rope can be immediately shut down the engine, so as to make the ships not leave them.

outboard engine.

3. About the Water Outlet

The water intake for your engine’s cooling system is located forward of the propeller on the lower unit housing. Outboard machine outlet water problem in the process of the machine hydraulic mouth will matter, and this is the normal state of cooling the engine. Please stop the machine immediately to check the hydraulic hole and not to continue driving. This problem is mainly because of the neutral acceleration caused by high speed rotating engine. To prevent this problem, you ought to absolutely avoid engine neutral high-speed!! What's more,  the water inlet hole is relatively small, so there are also sundries blocking the river. What you need to do regularly is to check the water inlet hole in time.

4. About the Back Gear

Sometimes, the backward gear will become forward gear, which is mainly caused by the failure of reset spring springs up in time when shifting gears.

5. About Fuel Tank Usage 

When using the external tank, the switch of the built-in mailbox should be turned off, otherwise the oil and some air in the external tank will enter the internal tank when pulling. In addition, before using the external oil tank, it is necessary to pinch the pre-feeding hand on the oil pipe several times to supply oil so that the machine can be started easily.

outboard motor

6. Engine "Flooding" Treatment

Submerged cylinder of engine can lead to incorrect startup mode of the engine cylinder" flooding ". "Submerged cylinder" means there is a gas cylinder due to multiple failed to launch the accumulation, it is very dangerous for machine ignition, since extra petrol may come out from the spark plug leakage. In this situation, you can turn off the spark plug, pull start rope dropped the oil line and then back on.

7. Gear Oil of Outboard Engine Replacement

For off-board engine, whether it is 2-strokes or 4-strokes, large or small horsepower, the process of replacing gear oil is much the same, which is nothing more than the process of removing 2 screws and then discharging oil and refueling.

All above is about basic methods of how to overhaul the ship outboard machine. In fact, routine maintenance and small repairs sometimes can make a big difference in the long time going-out.





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