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Why Outboard Engine Vibrating When Throttle Increasing?

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In the process of sailing, you will encounter a large outboard vibration than before. If you increase the throttle, the vibration of the machine will become stronger. What is the cause of this situation? Which parts should I check? This article tells you about the reason why the offshore outboard machine increases the throttle vibration!

Outboard Engine

We know that two-stroke machines are more vibrating than four-stroke machines. We must first know what is an abnormal vibration. The two-stroke machine does not matter how much its own vibration, but its vibration is linear, which is normal. If there is an increase in the throttle, the sense of shock is high and low, intermittent, it is not normal. 

There are four possibilities for this situation:

Spark plug problem

Spark plugs are the easiest to cause this problem, so let's check the spark plug first. The spark plug is an ignition system. The vibration is high and low. It is very likely that the spark plug carbon deposit causes uneven ignition and cannot be quickly discharged. Remove the spark plug to see if it is carbon deposits. Replacing a new spark plug of the same type can improve this situation.

boat Spark plugs

Ignition Problem

The discharge voltage of the spark plug is intermittently hopping. The ignition controls the spark plug flashover moment. If there is a problem with the ignition, it directly affects the ignition effect of the spark plug. You can unplug the spark plug wire, expose the wire metal to the head of the spark plug, and then pull the starter rope. We can see if the direct distance between the wire head and the spark plug will cause an electric shock. Then we can see whether the ignition of the ignition is normal and even.

outboard engine Carburetor

Carburetor Problem

The function of the carburetor is to uniformly mix the gasoline and the air and then supply it to the cylinder for combustion according to the amount of fuel required by the combustion chamber. If the carburetor mixes the unevenness of the gasoline and the air, or the supply is uneven, the combustion chamber will be caused. The burning condition is not normal and there will be vibration. The carburetor also has a filtering effect. The dirt in the fuel we use will be filtered out by the carburetor. Long-term use will also complete the carburetor blockage, which will also cause the fuel supply to be abnormal.

Tubing Problems

The tubing is the fuel supply line for the entire outboard engine. Sometimes we run out of gasoline in the fuel tank to the outboard engine to stop working. At the end of the tubing, the air will be sucked in. When the fuel is added again, the gasoline encounters residual air in the tubing. When it is hindered, there will be a situation of unsmooth, which will affect the uneven combustion of the combustion chamber. This causes the outboard engine to vibrate.

Outboard motor

There are many reasons why the outboard engine increases the throttle vibration. We must analyze the countermeasures according to the actual situation. If there are any problems, please contact us, we are happy to help you.





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