1.How to Break in A New Outboard Engine
The break-in procedure usually takes 10 hours. Please remember two-stroke outboard engines and four-stroke engines have different steps to take. The two essential tips are as following:
The right mix of oil and fuel. You need to know the ratio of your outboard engines and don’t forget to change the mixing oil and fuel after the break-in procedure finishes. 

Don’t let the engine at the full speed. For the initial 3-4 minutes, allow the engine to run at idling speed to warm up. Then allow engine to run at the low speed for 3-5 minutes before it runs at the medium speed. Don’t forget to let the water-cooling engine start in the water.

2.Daily Maintenance
Daily maintenance is essential to the lifespan of outboard engines. There are three tips that you need to follow:
Keeping your outboard motor clean after saltwater use. Flushing the engine with fresh water after every saltwater use and let the engine to run for about five minutes to clear out any residual saltwater.

Don’t use the mixing fuel and oil that kept above a month (plastic container is shorter). Don’t use the deteriorated fuel and oil. Because its lubrication of moving parts fails and therefore causes great damage to outboard engines.

Before storing your outboard engine. Take five steps: (1) Empty the oil and fuel in the tank. (2) Start the engine to deplete residual oil in the carburetor to avoid deterioration. (3) Remove the spark plug and add 3-5 drops of 2-stroke oil to the cylinder. (4) Start the engine for a few times to lubricate the cyclinder. (5) Turn off the engine and install the spark plug.

Malfunction rarely appears if outboard engine is well maintained. You can go to experienced car or motorcycle repair shop for common and small malfunction.





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