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Check and Maintenance of Outboard Motor

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Check Outboard Engine

If the clamping bolts are loose due to the vibration of the engine, so check whether the clamping bolts are loose during the operation of the ship hanging machine. Check that we have enough fuel for navigation and that the handle is flexible to move from side to side. If resistance to movement is felt, loosen the steering screw. The portable fuel tank checks for fuel leaks and ensures that the fuel tank is located on a safe, flat surface and that the fuel line is free of distortion or compression or sharp objects. Check the throttle, gear position is flexible, check the starter and stop switch.

Outboard aircraft Maintenance

In order to ensure the performance of outboard aircraft, it must be maintained regularly during the operation.

Add Lubricating Grease

Before leaving the factory, all the parts to be lubricated have been filled or smeared with lubricated grease. After use, users need to add or apply lubricated grease to these parts.

Clean Spark Plug

As heat and sediment can cause gradual breakage and corrosion of spark plugs, remove and inspect them regularly.You will normally need to use the spark plug socket wrench in the attachment kit to remove the spark plug.Clean the spark plug with a clean cloth and check the spark plug electrode gap. Adjust the gap to the specified value between 0.6 mm and 0.7 mm if necessary.Replace the spark plug with the correct model if necessary.

Check Propeller

Check each blade of propeller for wear, eddy current or exhaust erosion or other damage.Check whether the propeller shaft is damaged, whether the cotter pin is worn or damaged, whether the fishing line is wound on the propeller shaft, and whether the oil seal on the propeller shaft is damaged.

Replace Engine Lubricating Oil

The engine oil should be changed after the first 10 hours of operation and every 100 hours or half a year thereafter, otherwise the service life of the engine will be affected.

Replace the Gear Oil

Replace the gear oil after the first 10 hours of operation, after every 100 hours or half a year to replace the gear will wear out quickly.Gear oil replacement method. Position the machine vertically on the rack and tilt the outboard so that the gear oil drain screws are at the lowest possible point.Lower a suitable container in the underwater device, remove the gear oil drain screw, remove the oil level hole plug to drain the gear oil, use the pressure charging device to inject the gear oil into the oil drain screw hole, insert and tighten the oil level hole plug when the gear oil starts to flow out of the oil level hole.

Check and Replace the Anode

Check the external anode regularly and remove the scale from the anode surface every six months. Please consult the outboard machine dealer for the replacement of the anode.






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