Why Earrow Outboard
                   We are trusted partner

1.Reliable and Safe


  • High Quality Imported Key Parts
Earrow uses key componets from the YAMAHA’s suppliers to ensure the
high function and longevity.

  • Self-Produced Die Casting and Plastic Parts 
Earrow has 4 axis CNC centers with high precision measuring instruments.
We put the manufacturing under our supervision to ensure direct, efficient
and strict quality control.

  • Durable Crowl 
The crowl of Earrow outboard engines are made from plastic,
which makes them more shatterproof than fiberglass crowl
made by our competitors. 

  • Durable Surface 
Earrow has a special surface pretreatment production line
with BRP Johnson technology to make the parts more
durable and corrosion-resisted.

  • Strict Quality Management
(1)500 hours of durable test for each new model before mass production.
300+ hours of test in engine for parts sourced from suppliers. 
60 minutes of test for each outboard before final packing.

2.Easy Maintenance

95% of spare parts are compatable with YAMAHA. It is easy to purchase spare parts from local dealers.

3.Excellent R&D Team

All of our key engineers have the working experience in the previous BRP outboard factory of China DG. They have 20+ years of experience that assures their professionalism and dependability.





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