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EARROW in the 126th Canton Fair

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The 126th Canton Fair opened in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou on October 15th, with a total exhibition area of 1,185,000 square meters and 25,642 exhibitors. The fair aims to promote the high-quality development of foreign trade. About 2,297 brand enterprises participated, which is an increase over the previous one. The product renewal rate is more than 30%, and "three independent and three high" (independent intellectual property, independent brand, independent marketing, high-tech content, high value added and high efficiency) products are increasing.

China Import and Export Fair, founded in 1957 and held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete variety of goods, the largest number of buyers and the widest distribution of countries and regions, the best transaction effect and reputation in China.

China Import and Export Fair

EARROW has always adhered to independent research and development of new products, attached great importance to innovation, and invested a lot  in R&D every year. In order to better meet the needs of customers, we keeps deep discussion with foreign designers both the appearance and design.

As a well-known brand of China's outboard aircraft, EARROW always takes various exhibitions at home and abroad as an important window to show customers the company's products and corporate identity. In this Canton Fair, EARROW has a new perspective in product design and other aspects, attracting many domestic and foreign purchasers and visitors to visit and discuss cooperation.

EARROW outboard

EARROW outboard engine parts

At the exhibition site, the popularity of EARROW keeps growing, which is located in the core exhibition area, Japanese TK carburetor, Taiwan SOLAS propeller, Taiwan impeller and other accessories are all on display.

EARROW outboard

The purchaser from abroad told us that he supported Chinese export enterprises to produce higher value-added products. "I hope that EARROW can have more and better products, which will also drive my business to grow bigger."

EARROW outboard

At present, the Canton Fair has established partnerships with 128 business institutions in 72 countries and regions. Adhering to the principle of mutual benefit, the two sides have carried out practical cooperation in such fields as investment attraction, promotion, group visits, supply and procurement docking, conference forums, business travel services, etc. The fair is expected to attract buyers from more than 210 countries and regions, so that global consumers can share high-quality domestic and foreign manufacturing products in competitive price. In the past 62 years, the Canton Fair has never been interrupted. It was born in the blockade, explored in the predicament, rose in the reform and opening up, and worked hard in the new era. It has made positive contributions to the acceleration of economic construction, expansion of opening up, and turning China to be a major trading country.





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