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Earrow Outboard Machine Escort for the Dragon Boat Race

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Earrow Outboard Machine Escort for the Dragon Boat Race

June 7th, 2019 is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. On that day, the Shangrao villagers in Jiangxi Province spontaneously organized the dragon boat team, which attracts thousands of villagers around to watch the lively dragon boat festival.

 Earrow outboard engine

Earrow's escorting work is mainly about the safety of dragon boat race, that is, the Earrow outboard machine ensures the safety of water traffic during the dragon boating.

Earrow outboard motor 

Our staff spontaneously set up a rescue team under the high temperature and burning sun, and worked from the preparation at about 6 am until the last dragon boat ashore at 6 pm. The continuous work for whole 12 hours adhered to the first-line scene ensured the safety of water transportation for the dragon boat activities in Shangrao City.

In order to ensure the safe and orderly development of the dragon boating activities, the local maritime bureau of Shangrao City also dispatched a total of 7 boats and 34 law enforcement personnel. They united public security, water conservancy and blue sky rescue teams, strengthening the on-site control of the dragon boat waters, which do  a good job in on-site traffic control and emergency rescue preparation.

 Earrow outboard engine

Now the Dragon Boat festival this year is over, however, culture Inheriting and sincere cooperation will always last. Every Staff's sweat and hardworking contribute to the success of once a year dragon boat race in Badu Shangrao, Jiangxi province.





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