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Outboard engines make the difference between an enjoyable day on the water and a long stretch of rowing your boat back to dock. For this reason, outboard motor maintenance is a key part of owning a boat. In this boat motor repair guide, we will go through how to maintain your outboard boat motor.

What Is an Outboard Motor?

In short, an outboard motor is a self-contained propulsion system. These are motors plus a gearbox and either a propeller (prop) or a jet drive.

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When Should You Clean Outboard Engines?

You should clean an outboard boat motor after every use. It should also be cleaned and tested if it has been stored for more than two months. The engine needs a tune-up at the beginning of boating season.

Boat Motor Repair — How Often?

If you use your boat year-round, plan on a tune-up at least twice per year and preferably once every two to three months if you use your motor more often. The more you use the motor, the more maintenance it will need.

Outboard Motor Parts — What Are Some Things You Should Always Check?

After every outing, check all of the moving parts. First, make sure the motor is turned off and then remove the outer covering. Look for water infiltration or leaks around hoses. Spray moving external parts with a hydrophobic solution — such as STA-BIL Rust Stopper.

Check the fuel and fuel lines for signs of water, cracks or leaks. Water in the gas not only causes internal motor damage, but it can prevent the engine from running. Water can get into fuel tanks by condensation.

spare spark plug

After every use, check the spark plug for corrosion. It is always a good idea to carry a spare spark plug in your tackle box or engine repair kit, especially for small outboard motors.





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