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How To Flush Your Outboard Motor?

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Flushing your outboard motor when you've been boating on saltwater is an incredibly important part of routine engine maintenance. Not doing this is a recipe for disaster, as a buildup of salt can block the cooling system, leading to possible overheating and it will eventually corrode your engine from the inside out.

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1.How to flush an engine with a flushing port

Flushing happens one of two ways, depending on whether your engine has a flushing port or not. Ports of the this kind are found mostly on newer engines, manufactured in the last ten years or so. The connection points vary, so it's best to check your owner's manual for where it's located on your specific model.

Once you've established the motor has a port, and you've found it, the rest is easy:

Connect a garden hose to the port.

Turn on the water.

Let the engine flush for five to ten minutes.

And that's it!

Unlike the alternative method discussed below, there's no need to turn the engine on when using a flushing port - they're designed to be used without power, making them a lot quieter and fuel-efficient.

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2.How to flush an engine without a flushing port

If your engine doesn't have a dedicated flushing port, you'll need to purchase a set of flushing muffs. These earmuff-looking gizmos clamp over the water intakes on the side of the gear case, providing a source of water for when you turn the engine on.

These are the steps:

Attach a pair of earmuffs to the hose.

Slide the earmuffs over the lower unit, so they fully cover the engine’s water intakes.

Turn on the water, and make sure it’s flowing around both sides of the lower unit water intakes.

Start the outboard, and make sure water is coming out of the tell-tale.

Let the engine run for at least five minutes.

Turn the engine off, then turn off the water and remove the earmuffs.





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