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How To Maintain Outboard?

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Earrow wants you to have an outstanding ownership experience. Maintenance plays a big part in that. We’ve learned a lot about caring for outboards during our many years as an outboard manufacturer; so here’s some knowledge and simple tips on the subject.

outboard engine

From their painstaking design to their meticulous construction, Earrow Outboards are manufactured to provide you with years of enjoyment. However, they live in one of the harshest environments imaginable. High load, high-RPM operation, extreme temperatures and humidity, saltwater, sun, even long periods of non-use can all exact a heavy toll. And it’s not just Earrow outboards. All outboards face these same challenges. Regular maintenance is important in helping your outboard meet the demands of these challenging environments, and only you can make sure it happens.

Spending a relatively small amount of time making sure your outboard’s in proper condition is simple to do, and:

  • You’ll have more hours of trouble-free enjoyment on the water.

  • You’ll preserve your investment with a higher resale value.

  • Your boat will be ready when you are.

  • It’s easier and costs less to maintain than repair.

  • Earrow dealers stand ready to help.

boat motor

Gasoline and proper care for your motor's fuel system remains the easiest way to keep running smoothly. Earrow outboard recommends that when you pull up to the gas pump, avoid fuel containing more than 10-percent ethanol. Gas containing higher levels of ethanol is corrosive and attracts water, which can cause starting or running problems—eventually damaging your engine's fuel system.

Beyond basic fuel rules, many mechanics recommend replacing the inline fuel filter every year for top performance. In regions where avoiding ethanol laced fuels is problematic, it may also be wise to install a second, water-separating fuel filter.

If your fuel's been sitting unused for more than a month, check or ask your mechanic to check a small fuel sample, looking for the presence of water or debris. Water will separate from fuel and appear as a clear liquid at the bottom or a container. That's a bad sign.





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