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How To Protect Your Outboard?

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It is very common that most of you have experienced one of the following hassles:

  • When you go fishing and pulling of the tackle, the lures can scratch the engine.

  • Heavy weather conditions such as rain? Frost?

outboard engine

Just as you cover your boat when it’s not in use, the same should apply to your outboard engine and its casing. The precise machinery of the motor could be easily damaged by just a little road debris, water, moisture or UV rays. Road debris caught in a boat engine can bring major repair bills. UV rays beat down on an engine casing, eventually causing dry rot and cracking. Water must be kept out of the engine’s intake valves. The right boat engine cover will solve these problems and extend the life of an engine.

A complete boat engine cover envelopes the engine from the top of the casing to the bottom of the propeller. This is the best cover to use for trailing a boat, to keep pebbles, road trash or any foreign objects from getting into the engine or chipping any of the casing. This is also a nice cover for dry storage, to keep out the maximum amount of dust.

outboard engine

A half boat engine cover protects just the top part of the engine. This is a practical choice for a boat that stays moored in the water and does not need protection for the propeller and shaft. It will keep the intake valves dry and block UV rays.





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