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How to Clean Carburetor of Outboard Engine

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The carburetor of outboard engine is simple in structure and saves many parts. It's lighter and easier to maintain than the equivalent four-stroke outboard engine, but it doesn't have the same fuel economy as the electric jet. If compared with the ordinary words fuel consumption, the same horsepower under the four stroke electric injection machine than two carburetors save 30% or so. Two stroke noise is also relatively large, small horsepower difference is not very big, if the use of high-horsepower models with more obvious. Two people sitting next to each other have to speak loudly and close their ears to hear clearly. In summary, the two-stroke structure is simple, fuel consumption, noise.

Outboard Engine

Notes for Use of Outboard Engine Carburetor

1. The run-in period of the new machine is 10 hours, during which more oil is needed. It's better to have a little bit more than a little bit less. The ratio of gasoline to oil is 25:1, 25 liters of gasoline to 1 liter of oil. The mixing ratio after the run-in period is 50:1, and the gear oil should be replaced after the 10-hour run-in period.

2. During the first two hours of operation, the engine should be operated under different throttle opening degrees. The engine should not run at one speed for a long time.

3. Pull rope emergency switch must not be in the waist, or hang on the hand. Because when the pilot accidentally fell into the water, to avoid the boat to continue to cause more damage. In normal driving, accidents or unintentionally pulling the flout switch may occur. Due to sudden stopping of forward movement, the driver and passengers may fall down and cause unnecessary injuries. So the pilot should pay attention to this when he sails.

4. Remember to put the high speed gear into gear, and wait for the engine to idle after the front gear is put back into neutral. It is easy to damage the gear when the high speed gear is put into gear.

5. If there is an alarm, the machine should be shut off immediately to check the fault and avoid internal damage of the engine.

6. External fuel tank is connected to the outboard aircraft. Please open the vent.

Carburetor on Outboard Engine

How to Clean Carburetor on Outboard Engine

1. Find a small box to put the small parts in, so as to avoid losing them. This is very important, especially novice has no experience, may cause yourself to dismantle after the assembly can not go up, or lost things forget to install, the machine can not fire, or carburetor oil leakage, the machine can not run problems.

2. To remove the carburetor, you need to prepare a cruciform screwdriver, a small one-word screwdriver, a medium one-word screwdriver, and a bottle of carburetor cleaner.PS: because each model is different, how to remove the carburetor from the machine everyone thinks about, it is very simple, as long as you do it yourself can be done.

3. Once you've done your homework, you'll begin to test your hands-on skills. First remove the top panel of the carburetor with a cross screwdriver, then remove the bottom oil cup body, so that you can clearly see the carburetor inside the various parts. Next, remove the needle valve pin screw with the phillips screwdriver, remove the needle valve pin, float, and needle valve, and pay attention to how the needle valve is installed. Then remove the main orifice with a medium cross screwdriver, and you'll see the main nozzle inside. Just turn the carburetor upside down and tap it, and the main nozzle will fall out (note which way the main nozzle is up and which way down). Proceed to the next step, remove the black cap by hand and place it away. Remove the idle gauge hole with a small screwdriver. When the carburetor is removed, clean the main nozzle idle measuring hole with carburetor cleaning agent. Then clean the carburetor body, there are a lot of small eyes on the body, with a cleaning agent to the eyes a chi, clean after the check whether smooth, no debris.

4. The installation process must be kept clean to avoid debris re-entering the carburetor. Install the carburetor on the machine. Pinch the oil pump to check if the carburetor leaks. If the carburetor leaks oil from the top, check to see if the float pin is not installed properly.

5. Matters need to pay attention to: do not get the cleaning agent into the eyes, if you accidentally get eyes should be washed with water as soon as possible. Do not forget to install the black plastic cap, cleaning a part can be picked up, facing the sun, you can see the small eye through the light, so you can check whether clean.





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