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How to Protect Outboard External Appearance?

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We all want our boats to look great, including the outboard engines. But outboards have a finish that’s closer to a car’s paint job than it is to the gel coat on your boat’s hull sides. And maintaining it is important not just because a good-looking boat gives you pride, but also because ultimately it’ll help your boat retain resale value. So, how will you keep that shiny outboard looking like new?

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1. Make it easy on yourself

Just like you clean the inside of your outboard by fresh water flushing after each trip, thoroughly spray down your boat and the outside of your outboard with fresh, clean water. While you’re flushing the motor, check the water pump to make sure it has good water flow. Carefully put your finger through the stream of water. It may be warm, but it shouldn’t be hot. If the output is not strong, you may have some debris stuck in the outflow tube. Immediately shut down the engine to prevent overheating and damage. Use a soft cloth and a mild, marine-specific cleaning agent, then rinse it again. It is a handy way to get the goods you need to help protect and beautify the exterior. That you can take pride in your ride while you’re preserving it.

Tip: Don’t use liquid dish soap or ordinary household detergents when washing your boat. They remove waxes and other protective coatings your boat needs.

2. To protect and preserve

Don’t be afraid to spray the entire powerhead liberally. It not only helps give your powerhead that just-detailed look, but also helps prevent the effects of corrosion. While you’re at it, protect and preserve the rubber seal between the cowling and the engine pan with a high-quality silicone spray. This helps keep it supple to prevent water from entering this area.

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3. Look out below

Keep things sharp and protected below deck. Use Cleaner as necessary and spray your battery terminals with Battery Terminal Cleaner & Protector. Keep a clean hull for good looks and maximum performance, too. You’ll find commercially available anti-fouling paints, coatings and materials to help get, and keep, your hull clean and free of marine growth.

outboard engine

4. Keep it covered

Long-term exposure to UV radiation is just about the toughest thing on your engine’s finish (excepting impacts that cause chips, cracks, and scratches, of course). If it’s possible, keeping your boat and outboards in a garage or under a cover will go a long way to keeping its finish like new. Dedicated canvass engine covers can also be purchased to keep the sun off your outboards. Poorly fitting covers can be worse than no cover at all. On windy days an ill-fitted cover can shift back and forth, rubbing against the outboard’s finish, slowly wearing it away. The danger is greatest when you cover your engines with a polypropylene tarp, which can actually do a lot more harm than good. The light polypropylene can whip back and forth in a breeze, and ruin an outboard’s finish in a matter of hours. If you cover your boat with one of these tarps, you need to first wrap the outboards in a cotton sheet or a non-abrasive blanket, to protect them.

Tip: Use proper cover to protect outboards appearance.





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