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Keeping Your Machine Clean Fuel

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The largest source of trouble with marine engines these days lies with the fuel and fuel system. Paying regular attention to both can help prevent major headaches down the road. From hoses and connections to proper filtration and even fuel additives, time spent maintaining your fuel system helps keep you safe and your boat ready for action.

 Earrow outboard engine

'The most common complaint we get is from people saying it worked fine last year but now it won’t start,’ said Steve. This is because petrol evaporates over time, leaving behind an oily, paraffin-type residue which gums up the carburettor. So the first step is to drain the old fuel.

1: Remove the fuel pipe from the carburettor by loosening the clip with a pair of long-nosed pliers.

2: Turn on the fuel tap and drain it into a container.

3: If necessary, remove the tank and clean out any residue or gunge. There is often a small filter just above the fuel tap.






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