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Motor Maintenance and Rules for Safe Boat Motor 

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Problems with your outboard can make a day on the water memorable – for all the wrong reasons. To keep a damaged prop from leaving you stuck at the dock, or worse, stranded offshore, here are a few tips for maintaining your outboard.

outboard engine

First, and perhaps most important, always have a spare prop onboard. Think of it like a spare tire for your car. Having a spare prop onboard means if your propeller gets damaged you still have a way to get your boat – and you – home. It also means you can keep using your boat while your main prop is being repaired.

Take the engine cowling off and check for fuel or water leaks. If you find leaks, consult your safe boating mechanic.

Wipe everything down and spray with an anti-corrosive like WD 40 or Quick-lube. Be sure to lubricate all the moving parts such as the shift and throttle cables, carburetor valves, etc.

Replace the cowling and wipe it down. Keep a canvas or plastic cover on the engine between trips.

boat motor

Always use fresh fuel. At the end of the season, boat motor maintenance should include draining your tanks and taking the fuel to the proper recycling authority.





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