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What Are the Advantages of Solas Propeller?

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It is well known that marine propellers are used in water, including seawater and freshwater. The resistance of water is much larger than that of air, which means that the design and production of water propellers have more stringent requirements, including material use and water cut angle design. Domestic propellers are generally formed by aluminum alloy casting, while the solas propellers use a casting press process. Simply speaking, in addition to pouring hot aluminum water into the grinding tool, it is necessary to add a certain pressure to the grinding tool, which increases the atomic density of the aluminum alloy, making the spacing between the atoms of the aluminum alloy smaller and the density more tight, Therefore,on this point of view, the same thickness of the blade, the solas propeller using the casting press process is much stronger than the traditional simple casting process.

Solas Propeller

And they are also different in the quality inspection process of the product, generally small factories only do some simple trimming, polishing, painting after production and then finish products package into the market. However, in addition to the above process, the solas blade propeller will do precision judgment control, screening unqualified propellers, including bubbles in the casting process, impurities, angular deviations, etc.

The solas propeller uses a rubber leaf cover instead of a plastic. This is because of the elastic characteristics of the rubber. The rubber allows a 10% vibration deviation, so that the outer gearbox can be protected from damage in the event of an abnormal hit. Because a lot of impact is transmitted to the solas bush rubber bushing.

Compared with the general aluminum alloy marine propeller, the solas aluminum alloy propeller has achieved optimized ratio. The metal mixing ratio is patented and is not known to the outside world. For example, the ratio of chromium, nickel and other metals in the solas propeller, such a mixing ratio is equal to the weight, and because of the reduction in thickness, the resistance is also reduced, thereby the solas propeller obtains a higher rotational speed, and then increase the speed of the hull. This advantage is fuel efficient! At the same time, the corrosion of the propeller by seawater is minimized.

Therefore, the advantages of the solas propeller in the complex waters and the harsh environment are fully reflected.





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