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5 Things You Need to Prepare Before Going Sailing for the First Time

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Sailing is a wonderful pastime activity. Whether you’re on the open sea or on a lake, it’s an experience unlike any other, and as the wind blows into the sails to push your vessel forward as it cuts through the clear water, your mind will become clear, too.Going sailing for the first time?Here’s your first-timer’s checklist:

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Keep Things Simple and Bring Your Duffle Bag

What most sailing vacationers should look out for is overpacking. Don’t make the mistake of of bringing too much luggage because the storage space on a yacht is limited. Also, you should know that sailing vacation is something very casual and you will need very little. Most of the time you will be in your shorts, t-shirt or bathing suits, so our recommendation is to try and fit everything into a soft sided duffle bags. Duffle bags are big, but can be stored under your bed or even fit in the overhead bin on the airplane. They can be folded up when not in use, that will have you save some space.



Most chartered vessels have a first aid kit on board for accidents or emergencies, but its important to still pack a few supplies to have on hand. Bring band-aids, aspirin, sea sickness medicine, and antibacterial cream. You’ll also want to pack a can of bug spray to keep insects away.


Sun and Water Apparel

Sun and water apparel is a no-brainer, including sunglasses, bathing suits and sun protection.

A full day on the water means lots of sea and sun, so be prepared to get wet and for UV rays. Sunglasses, sunscreen and protective clothing should be obvious, as are a bathing suit in case you have the chance to jump in the water.

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Youll need to pack a flashlight to ensure that you can navigate the boat at night when you’re looking for your pajamas or want a midnight snack.

GPS devices are crucial to pack to ensure that you avoid getting lost and can make it to each destination safely with each route that you take.

Emergency equipment is also necessary to have on hand with a life raft, an emergency tiller, flares, a life raft survival grab bag, and EPIRB/SART. This will allow you to seek help and survive a storm or disaster that can occur while you’re out on the open waters.


Bring Some Entertainment on Board

Yo are probably thinking about reading that one particular book for a long time now but you never got the time to do so. Bring it with you. Sailing is a great way to relax, unwind and escape. Lay back on the deck as you sail past the stunning coastline ahead and youll be surprised at how much free time you now have and how many great books you can get through when you are away from modern day distractions such as TV and smartphones. Board games, playing cards, camera and MP3 players are also something you should consider. Include all the small items for free time either during an inter-island passage or in the anchorage.





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