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Boat Maintenance-A Year-Round Guide

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The outboard motor is a propulsion engine mounted on the outside of the hull (ship side), usually suspended from the outside of the raft. It is usually divided into two types: fuel-type outboard engines and electric outboard engines. The working principle of the fuel-type outboard engine is to convert the chemical energy of the fuel into mechanical energy through the internal combustion engine, and then convert it into the kinetic energy of the boat forward through the mechanical transmission and the propeller. The electric outboard motor uses a recyclable battery as an energy source to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy through an electric motor. How to support and maintain the outboard engine is also a major difficulty.


Outboard Engine Cleaning Frequency

Replace the gear oil after 10 hours of initial operation, and replace it every 100 hours or 6 months thereafter, otherwise the gear will wear out quickly, tilt the outboard motor so that the gear oil discharge screw is at the lowest point as possible, and place it under the underwater device. A suitable container, remove the gear oil drain screw, remove the oil level plug, empty the gear oil, use the pressure filling device to inject the gear oil into the oil drain screw hole, when the gear oil starts to flow out from the oil level plug hole , insert and tighten the oil level plug.

outboard engine maintenance

Parts Inspection and Fuel Selection for Outboard Motor

1. The problem of many mechanical failures is in the carburetor. The purity of the gasoline is not high, and it is easy to cause the oil circuit and the carburetor to be blocked. It is good to check and clean once every 100 hours.

2. The spark plug is a very important part of the engine, and it is easy to check. The state of the spark plug can indicate the condition of the engine. For example, the center electrode ceramic is very white, which indicates that there is an air intake leak or carburetor problem in the cylinder. Since heat and sediment will cause the spark plug to gradually break and corrode, it should be removed and checked regularly. If there is excessive corrosion of the electrode or carbon deposits and other deposits, it is necessary to replace the new spark plug of the same type. Generally, the new machine runs for 10 hours. After that, it can be checked every 200 hours.


3. The gear oil is used to lubricate the propeller gear box. The new machine is replaced once in 10 hours. After the running-in period, it is operated for 100 hours or half a year. When replacing this round of oil, pay attention to the use of the situation, the cost of the gear oil is too high, when the moisture is too much, pay attention to check whether the sealing part is still intact.

4. The engine oil should choose two-stroke special engine oil. The two-stroke outboard engine is the oil and gasoline that burn the mixed oil. The machine that has just been bought back is the running-in period within 10 hours of running. The poor running-in will also affect the later use efficiency. The ratio of gasoline to oil is: 25:1, 50:1 after 10 hours.

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Annual Maintenance of the Vessel

Spring Maintenance

In the form of a monthly maintenance work schedule (C, D maintenance). The main contents are: checking the fastening of deck equipment and the effectiveness of waterproofing and sun protection devices, checking the sealing performance of windows, doors and covers (weather and wind); cleaning or replacing fuel, oil filters and air filters; checking equipment such as mainframes Lubrication state; add lubricant to the equipment at regular intervals. Wind oil cut-off, fire alarm, centralized monitoring routine inspection; check hydraulic seal line sealing performance, oil quality; check pump water seal, tail shaft oil, water seal sealing, etc.; other necessary maintenance work.

Summer Maintenance

The planned maintenance project is prepared by the ship (D, E-level maintenance), and will be executed after approval. The main contents are: checking the corrosion of cabins, decks, fenders, etc., partial rust removal, touch up; inspection of shafting and piping; dismantling of main and auxiliary machines, electrical equipment or replacement parts; inspection of rudder system and other navigation equipment . Other necessary overhauls.

Winter Maintenance

The planned maintenance project is prepared by the ship (E and F maintenance) and will be executed after approval. Its main contents are: superstructure siding, decks, hull plating, deck machinery and its piping derusting, paint and so on.

The maintenance of the outboard engine is an extremely important task to ensure our safety on the water!





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