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How Do You Choose: Outboard Engine or Inboard Engine?

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We choose whether outboard engines or indoor engines depends on what we want from our boat.If you have a specific water sports boat this will usually have an inboard.You may have a boat that is suitable for water sports with an outboard.Off shore will usually have an inboard.If you have a fishing boat depending on size and application coastal boats will usually use outboards.The following are the advantages of outboard and inboard engines.

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The advantages of outboard engine:

 Outboards are easily serviced by removing them from the boat. If you have an inboard, you have to take the whole boat to the shop, and if it’s a big boat, that means a haul out. It is very expensive.

 Winterization: To winterize an inboard you have to flush all the water out of the engine and replace it with antifreeze or air. To winterize an outboard you just shut it off. Outboards drain the water jacket as soon as the engine turns off, so you can use an outboard even in sub-freezing weather, not so with an inboard.

 Reliability: Most inboards are car engines “marinized” for use in a boat, a poor solution, whereas outboards are purpose built for use in the water. For example, the distributor on an inboard engine is poorly sealed against moisture, whereas outboards don’t even use distributors, each cylinder gets its own coil, so no distributor, so no trouble with ignition.

 Space:Outboards are almost exclusively petrol engines. Outboards don't use much if any internal space on a boat and can be removed and replaced or taken to a workshop much more easily.

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The advantages of inboard engine:

Generally inboards have a longer service life and often have a better reliability or higher offshore rating. Inboards are likely to be diesel or petrol. If your are looking to navigate long distance in either a motor or sailing vessel then you will find these are fitted with inboards.

       There is a lot to consider but whatever you decide make sure it suits you and your requirements.





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