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How to Cleaning an Outboard Engine?

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Maintaining your boat's shiny finish involves taking care of more than just the gel coat. If you have an outboard engine, the casing needs washing down and buffing up in much the same way has the paint on a car. But do you know how to clean am outboard engine.We’ve put together a few tips for you.

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1.When you flush out the engine, you’re still working with a very large and very powerful instrument. Avoid problems by keeping the area clear. When you are cleaning the area,don’t let small children occur on the scene and you don’t touch anything you’re not sure of.


2. One way to keep your engine looking great is simply by keeping it covered. As we mentioned, long-term exposure to UV radiation is just about the toughest thing on your engine’s finish.


3. Flush the engine.This doesn't just apply to saltwater adventures, but to fresh water outings as well,because the water environment of a lake might not be the same as saltwater, it can still lead to the buildup of all sorts of extra materials you never wanted in your engine in the first place.

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4. After flushing the engine, disconnect the fuel line (if applicable). Disconnect the fuel line if the boat is going to be stored for an extended period of time. You should allow the engine to burn the small amount of fuel that is in the carburetor.


5. Check your water pump.The water pump should flow smoothly and easily—if not, there may be issues with it that can affect just how much “gunk” gets in your engine. There may already be debris in the outflow tube in this case as well, which means you’ll have to clean that out. If there is an obstruction, then make sure that the engine is off and safe to work with. Then use a wire-based cleaning instrument to work the area and clear out any potential debris.


We hope the five tips can help you to keep your outboard engine looking brand new.





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