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How to Prevent Overheating in Boat Engines?

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Boat engines are prone to overheating and this can cause serious damage to your boat and boats engine if left untreated. In order to fix overheating problems you first need to do some detective work. Find out exactly what is causing the overheating problem with boat engines and you should be able to correct the overheating problem before it has chance to seriously damage your boat.


Causes of Overheating

Overheating is a common problem with boats and this is because of how they are cooled. Most engines are cooled by using sea water instead of using air intakes. This is beneficial because there is no risk of the engine suffocating if water gets into the air intake. However, if any of these sea intakes get blocked then it can result in the engine overheating.



Trace the source. In a vast majority of cases, the problem is an obstruction in the raw water intake - like weeds, mud or a plastic bag. Locate the intake and clean it out.

A loose hose clamp or a split or burst hose can also slow water flow, and it can spray damaging moisture around the engine.

 outboard engine


Regularly service and replace the impeller. Also look at the condition of its housing. Scarring or pitting of the metal housing can cause even a good impeller to lose pumping power.

 Make sure you or your mechanic checks for corrosion or blockage in the exhaust system. Every so often, have the exhaust risers and associated components opened up for inspection. Engines with closed-loop cooling systems (essentially a radiator cooled by raw water) have additional issues such as internal clogging of the heat exchanger. Beyond ensuring that the coolant reservoir is full, periodic maintenance is the key.


Carry Onboard

Soft wire or rod to snake intake clogs.





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