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Something That You Must Know About Outboard Engine

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Purchase and Use 

When choosing the outboard model, please be sure to choose the machine with the corresponding horsepower of the matching ship, so as to better match it. Generally, the nameplate of the ship has indicated the corresponding horsepower configuration, or you can directly consult the dealer of the ship.

When selecting the right outboard aircraft, you should also pay attention to the following matters before using:

1. Fuel oil

In general, two-stroke and four-stroke outboard engines are recommended to use regular unleaded gasoline.

2. Oil

It is recommended to use the special oil for 4-stroke Marine hanging machine, so you will notice that the engine oil is added when the 4-stroke Marine hanging machine leaves the factory. Two-stroke off-shore engine oil is recommended. This type of gasoline is a mixture of gasoline and oil in the following proportions. The first 10 hours are the run-in period, with a mix ratio of 25:1, or 25 liters of gasoline with 1 liter of oil. After running in, the mixing ratio is adjusted to 50:1, and 50 liters of gasoline are added with 1 liter of oil. Be careful: make sure the petrol and oil mix well, otherwise the side will damage the engine. When adding oil, oil in strict accordance with the scale indicator on the oil scale, do not add more or less oil.

The Installation of Outboard Engine

Be careful to align the centerline of the ship when installing the outboard machine. After installation, pay attention to check the maximum buoyancy of the dinghy at rest under load, and check whether the static water level on the underwater device shell is low enough to prevent water from entering into the outboard engine due to rising waves when the outboard engine is not running.

The installation height of the poop determines the operating efficiency of the dinghy. If the installation height is too high, eddy current will be generated to reduce the thrust, and the propeller will hit the air when sailing, and the engine speed will suddenly rise, resulting in the phenomenon of flying. If installed too low, water resistance will increase, reducing engine efficiency. When installing the stern machine, place the vortex board between 0 and 2 mm below the bottom of the rubber boat.

Special note: users must know the height of rubber stern plate before choosing stern type.

Add Fuel

Before refueling, please be careful to stay away from the source of fire, because gasoline and its steam are highly flammable and explosive.

1. Use the built-in fuel tank

Open the cap and carefully fill the tank with fuel. Then close the cap and wipe off the spilled fuel. Finally loosen the vent screw on the fuel tank cover and adjust the fuel tank switch to the position of using the built-in fuel tank.

2. Use external fuel tank

Open the cap and carefully fill the tank with fuel. Then tighten the cap and loosen the vent screw.  Then plug in the fuel oil pipe connector, connect one end to the fuel tank, and connect the other end to the outboard aircraft. Note the direction of the arrow on the joint. If you use an extrusion pump, keep the outlet upward until it feels like it cannot squeeze.

Start of Outboard Engine

It should be noted that the ship must be started in neutral position, otherwise the starter will be damaged and dangerous. To start, insert the cable lock insert into the engine stop switch and tie the cable to the arm. Turn the throttle handle to the START position, pull out the choke handle and pull it to the maximum position. Slowly pull out the starter handle until resistance is felt, then jerk it out to START the engine. Repeat this if necessary. After the outboard is started, slowly return the starter handle to the original position. Note that the engine needs to be warmed up when it is cold. New or outboard aircraft that have been parked for some time will start up more often because the fuel in the carburetor has not reached the oil level sufficiently. When there is no water immersion to the height of vortex board, it is forbidden to start the outboard machine, which will cause the pump impeller and pump shell to burn out due to no water lubrication and cooling. When everything is ready, it is ready to sail.





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