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Classification of Fuel-based Outboard Engines

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An outboard motor, as the name suggests, is a propulsion engine mounted on the outside of the hull, usually suspended from the outside of the raft. It is the first choice for personal leisure and recreational boats. It is also widely used in fisheries, commercial operations and government law enforcement. According to different energy sources, outboard engines are divided into fuel oil and electric outboard engines. Here, we specifically talk about the fuel oil outboard. Below are several different kinds of fuel oil outboard engine. 

Gasoline Outboard Machine

The main fuel is of gasoline outboard machine is gasoline, which is famous with a wide range of uses, mature technology, wide power range and other advantages. 

From the combustion technology, it is divided into two strokes, four strokes, and two strokes of direct injection. Two-stroke acceleration is pretty good but the emission function is too poor. Four strokes are relatively environmentally friendly, but people who are used to two-stroke are disable to adopt to its acceleration ability. Hoped the two rushing sprays combine the advantages to achieve direct injection in the gasoline cylinder on the basis of two strokes rather than mixing through carburetors and air. 

Diesel Outboard Engine

Due to the technical characteristics of diesel engine, it is decided that diesel outboard machine can not be widely used. Even if the high pressure common rail technology is in the way, its pressure-burning work principle is doomed to work when the vibration and noise will be greater. It is not a problem for outboard machines installed in the cabin, but it is fatal for outboard aircraft hanging on the stern plate. Diesel engines usually have large torque, and the transmission of large torque also poses a greater challenge to the gearbox. The attraction of diesel outboard comes from diesel, one is safer than gasoline safety, and the other is that no additional petrol fuel tank for a traffic boat. Japan's Yanmar company is one of the few manufacturers of diesel outboard machines.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Outboard Engine

The liquefied petroleum gas outboard engine is emerged with only one reason, that is environmental protection. With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in various countries, gasoline/diesel outboard machines have been unable to meet the environmental requirements of many areas or lakes, so liquefied petroleum gas outboard machine appears. In essence, this is a minor modification of the traditional gasoline outboard, just as the domestic car which has been converted to a liquefied gas vehicle. 

Kerosene Outboard Engine

The obviously advantage is money-saving due to it adopts low-quality kerosene as fuel. But at the same time, its widely use has brought more environmental pollution even though promoting economic development, especially with increasing emphasis on environmental protection in various countries. At present, Kerosene outboard engines are mainly concentrated in Southeast Asian and South Asian market. 





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