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The 2nd China (Yongkang) International Safety and Emergency Products Expo (Cloud Exhibition)

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On November 26, 2020 China (Yongkang) international emergency safety Expo opened in International Convention and Exhibition Center of Yongkang.The Earrow outboard aircraft and rescue ship of Yongkang Earrow industry and Trade Co., Ltd. are invited by the government to participate in the exhibition.In order to rescue needs, we Earrow specially configured the jet pump outboard machine to prevent the secondary injury to the victims in the water during the rescue process.

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The exhibition lasted for three days. In addition to the offline exhibition, it also created a cloud exhibition, which provided a good exhibition service for the guests who can not attend the exhibition. It also provides a variety of convenience for the development of rescue activities in the epidemic era.

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During this period, there are many wonderful activities. In addition to the three-day security and emergency products trading in the three exhibition halls of the Convention and Exhibition Center, two thematic summit forums will be held, namely, "the Summit Forum on the development of emergency industry and the construction of emergency legal system" and "the Summit Forum on people's livelihood, people's power and people's security - Security and emergency industry chain". 

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A number of moguls will gathere to exchange and discuss issues such as how to better carry out emergency management, how to improve the emergency legal system, how to promote safety products and emergency services, and how to promote the standardization of safety products. Through exchanges and discussions, we will focus on the experience of grassroots emergency management, perfect emergency management laws and policies, improve disaster prevention and control capabilities, enhance the level of safety products and emergency services, plan for disaster prevention and mitigation and disaster relief integration and innovation, and promote the development of emergency industry cluster.

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